About Us

Layor Design have been designing and manufacturing bowls equipment since the 80s having initially specialised in the supply of shopfitting equipment. Their partner company Duke Bowls based in North London, have specialised in the supply of this equipment for over 30 years.

We have gained an enviable reputation and are always prepared to share our knowledge and expertise with our customers.

Our specialities include –

  • Short Mat Bowls and Carpet Bowls and associated requirements to play these games.
  • Supplying and installing our own WindUp /Handling /Storage Units.
  • Supplying our own custom made rink equipment including Umpire Kits for Outdoor or Indoor Bowls and Short Mat Bowls, Rooney Folding Measures, Royal Scoreboards, Bowls and Jack Disc Ditch Markers, White Rink Markers and End of Rink Numbers.
  • Providing specialist advice to new bowlers and clubs.

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